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Plant Trees To Protect The Generation's Health

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Save Green is a nonprofit org Group; its working for environment i.e. tree plantation. Have done number of tree plantation at various location of Bangalore. Everyone knows how the climate is changing and not good air quality; but we have only one natural solution to get fresh air by plantation.

Save Green has decided to plant 20,000 plantations in every area of Bangalore.. But it cost us more.. We cannot do it alone, so we request everyone to contribute as much as possible. We ensure that your donation will be used for the Green Mission.

You can join us for plantation programs and you can verify past activities.

  Saplings (Honge/Fruits/Neem & more) 20,000  
  Fence (Tree protection) 20,000  
  Labour 10  
  Transportation 20 Rounds  
  Maintenance 3 Years  
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