Environment and forests

Trees are precious to us do not harm them. Grow them as much as you can!!


Large forests are fine-tuned ecosystems which can influence the climate and environment not only where they are but also all over the world. For example, the forests all over the world are shrinking, thanks to the irresponsible felling of trees for "development". This is thought to be one of the most important reasons for global warming.

There are several ways forests can be misused to cause harm to the ecosystem: this includes strip logging, indiscriminate setting of fires to clear forest land for development and using deforested areas for rather low-yield agriculture.

There is a lobby out there of governments, politicians, foresters, social scientists and environmentalists who vote for constructive development for the common good of the society. It seems prudent, for example, to remove a few trees that come in the way of construction of a 500-mile highway. At the same time, it is irresponsible to hack down a 70-year old teak tree just to get firewood for one's house. I fully agree with this kind of responsible forest management.


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