Green Benefits - Intro

Trees are precious to us do not harm them. Grow them as much as you can!!


Trees are Nature's wonders and a great gift to mankind as well as to all those who depend on them. While some dependants stay on the trees, others come to them to rest or to feed. Still others use them to raise their offspring. Humans have used almost any and every tree to their benefit.

It is very sad that the same humans are destroying trees all over the world in the name of "development". This can be to create factories, new townships, wider roads, railways, entertainment centers and so on. They do not realise that they are making a big mistake


Trees are immensely useful to all of us. They give us so much, taking almost nothing in return! They help us to remain calm and cool, provide us with a charming surrounding and share their wealth with us so selflessly. Better management of forests would allow governments to responsibly cut down trees and develop those areas for the welfare of society. However, we must condemn irresponsible, unsupervised hacking of trees anywhere on the planet. At the same time, we must grow more and more trees.

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