CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

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CSR (corporate social responsibility) Encouragement to economic development, social environmental & improves the living standards of community members and society at large.

With the introduction of the (CSR) Companies Act, 2013 (Section 135), CSR must contribute 2% percent of their profits for this purpose. CSR 'giving back' is not about fulfilling this legal obligation of having to donate to charity, but generating goodwill in their respective communities.

Your CSR corporate will also act as a Good Samaritan by donating 2% of its profit and not breaking the law.

According to Section-80G of Income-Tax Act, the amount donated towards charity attracts benefits in form of deduction in taxes. This is a value-added benefit that makes the case for donating even stronger. (Your CSR Can Donate us).
You may also join us as a Payroll Donation by which your employees shall be donating with you to the organization by ECS Donation or Monthly Once.

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CSR Causes You Can Support by Donation:
Ensuring Environmental sustainability, Tree Planting, Protecting Trees, Traffic / Pollution, Ecological balance, animal welfare, Plan for Farmers, Development / construction / maintaining Park, Garden, Air & Water.

Water Supply including Drinking Water:
Installation/Repair of Hand Pumps/Tube Wells.
Digging/Renovation of Wells.
Development/construction of Water Tank/Ponds.
Rain water-harvesting scheme.
Proper use of drinking water.
Empowerment to the villagers for maintenance of the above facilities for availability of water.