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SEED BALLS Bangalore

When living in an area prone to natural disasters, taking precautions is important. We need to give back to society by restoring the green cover while prioritising resource conservation and efficiency.

Making and distributing seed balls is a fun, cheap, and efficient approach to help restore the planet's green cover.

A seed ball is a collection of clay, soil, and seeds formed into a variety of spheres about the size of marbles. They are a quick and simple way to restore the natural vegetation that has been lost.

Soil quality can be improved and enriched with the aid of seed balls. These seed balls have a higher capacity to retain water because to the clay inside of them.
Planting wildflowers in inaccessible areas is made easier by rolling seeds into balls. It's useful for combating climate change and restoring ecosystems.

In most cases, our volunteers will assist in setting up the programme. The location of the event and the number of volunteers who can take part are up for grabs.

Volunteers are given the tools they need to launch a seed ball initiative, including information on what supplies are needed, how much of each is needed, and where to source them.


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